It's A Random Act Of Bullness
Michele and I are making surprise visits to random Bull listeners this week, awarding tickets to see Brad Paisley June 30 at White River Amphitheatre in Auburn.
Take A Scenic Drive Down One Of Washington’s Windiest Grades [VIDEO]
I grew up in the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley, but for six years of my life I was a foster kid and lived at the confluence of the Grand Ronde River on the border of the Washington/Oregon border. I lived right at the bottom of the Rattlesnake Grade on the Washington side and on the other side was the Buford Grade that proceeded to Oregon. I had to be bused to school each day to Asotin, WA as is our st
The Top 5 Songs Done By TV Actors [VIDEO]
I can't resist a good pop song. I always get guff for my musical tastes but I'm not ashamed. I love a great cheesy pop and I like them even better when they are sung by TV actors. I've gathered the Top 5 songs done by TV actors and they are hit songs that played on the radio back in the day.

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