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Bear Scratching Its Back
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife caught this night vision video of a bear getting his (or her) last back scratch of the season before heading into hibernation.
10 Deeds In 10 Days Celebrity Auction
The 10 Deeds in 10 Days Celebrity Auction kicked off this morning (Oct. 3) at 6 and runs until 7 p.m. Friday (Oct. 7). One of the items up for bid is the Thomas Rawls Seahawks signed collectible football pictured above. Also available are:

An ESP guitar signed by all the current members of Trans-Sibe…
Equine Herpes Case Confirmed in WA State
The $43 billion deal between Syngenta and Chem China has some farmers believing it will be beneficial the WSJ reports. The paper cites U.S. farmers’ complex relationship with China, whose economic growth has spurred demand for agricultural commodities ...
It’s Time to Bust Open the Wine, and This is What You Suggest!
Now that sun is officially out and about in the Yakima Valley it's time to chill and enjoy some of the finest Wine in the Northwest! I've always been into the really sweet wines, in fact anywhere I go I always ask for the sweetest wine they've got. I love Ice Wine or Rieslings and on a hot summer da…

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