Plowing Through Water
South Carolina got hit hard this weekend with some serious rain. It is the worst they have seen in years. Every single road was flooded but, that did not stop the big rig from plowing through the very deep water on the roadway.
Three cool pools for families
We complain all year about how it just isn't warm enough. Now it is warm and we are all complaining about how it is just too much. But the kids need something to do and stay cool at the same time. So take them swimming! Here are three of the top pools in the Yakima Valley.
Labeling of GMO Food; Farmers Earth Friendly
During the Organic Trade Association luncheon last week - Montana Senator and organic farmer Jon Tester said advocates would have to work hard to achieve labeling of genetically modified foods. Tester says more farmers would transition to organic if land-grant colleges paid more attention to organic…
Water works!
How to start your day the right way? A 16-ounce bottle of water and three to four more cups before your next meal. Believe it or not, I had chronic heartburn for years. I was on every type of medication to relieve the constant irritation. None of it really worked as a long term fix, until I found wa…