There was just a huge earthquake in Taiwan measuring in at a whopping 7.4. As we've seen in years past sometimes an earthquake like that can cause a ripple effect in the oceans that spreads in all directions including right here through to our west coast. The question came up on if the west coast should consider this earthquake in Taiwan a threat for tsunamis here in the United States.

According to KGW8, it doesn't seem to be the case this time.

There was tsunami warnings in Japan as well as buildings collapsing in Taiwan as you could imagine but as far as any one here in the states feeling any wrath of this, it's unlikely.

Though if a tsunami were to happen, fortunately the west coast has designated areas in times of tsunamis to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

When it was announced of a massive earthquake in Taiwan, everyone in the surrounding area was put on notice as well as those of us here in the states. California, Oregon, Washington and even Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam are taken care of.

This was Taiwan's biggest earthquake since 1999. Though there was some devastation in Taiwan and some surrounding areas, here's hoping for a speedy full recovery.

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