All that turkey, ham, gravy and pie sure hit the spot over the holidays. Trouble is, it STAYED on that spot ... and it seems to have kind of spread out. Now you've got to get rid of it so you can fit into your favorite clothes again.

Looks like it's time to hit the gym!

That's why Pacific Northwest University, the Yakima Family YMCA and Townsquare Media are issuing the "Get Fit for 2017" challenge, and we're offering up to $350 cash, plus Y memberships and discounts to the people who lose the most weight.

Here's how it works:

  • To take part, sign up between now and Jan. 13 (see form below). Participation is free.
  • Show up for the official weigh-in at the YMCA, 5 N. Naches Ave., on Jan. 13. The Morning Bull Pen's Michele Mathews -- along with Reesha on the Radio from 107.3 KFFM and Kelly West from 94.5 KATS -- will be broadcasting live! Participants will be weighed in a private setting and must wear the same clothing at the weigh-in and the "weigh-out."
  • Stop by for your official "weigh-out" between Feb. 23-25 at the YMCA. (Remember to wear the same thing you wore at the weigh-in.)
  • Listen to hear who the winners are. We'll award two grand prizes of $350 cash, PLUS a one-year YMCA membership to the male and a female who drop the most pounds. And we'll award $200 cash plus a six-month Y membership to the second-place finisher. Third place takes $100 cash.

Participants who do all their workouts at the YMCA are eligible for a special discount during the challenge.


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