Have you used the mobile app "OfferUp" yet? Think Craigslist meets Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade. You list your item and interested parties respond back with an offer for purchase.

This is exactly what a teen in Seattle did with his Air Jordan shoes. He listed them on the app, communicated with a potential buyer and met up in a public place. The seller's mother was with him the entire time and filmed the planned exchange on her cellphone. The teen approached the potential buyer's car and handed over the shoes. Just then, the car took off. Cops are still looking for the thief. (Full story here)

Police say exchanges such as this should take place in designated internet exchange locations at participating police stations. While we don't have any designated sites in Yakima, the Yakima Police Department says the public is welcome to set up exchanges in the YPD lobby at 200 S. Third St. or in a very public location.

"We would not recommend a public parking garage (where the exchange took place in the above story), simply because it may be dark and there may not be too many people around,"  YPD's public information officer, Mike Bastinelli, says. "Always make those exchanges in places where people are located and never do it at a personal residence."

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