My first radio station job was in the summer of '88 and I was working at a small FM country music station in my hometown of Clarkston, Washington. Radio Broadcasting was so different back in those days, it was before compact discs and computers,so we played music off vinyl records called 45's.

I remember my mom kept calling the request line over and over for a certain song, it was her favorite at the time and it's a perfect song to celebrate with on this Mother's Day.

Nope... It's not "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard.

I was 18 at the time so the song didn't mean much to me but the older I get, I realize that it meant a lot to my mom to hear it on the radio.

mom fam

It's a song we don't play anymore but it's a great song for Mother's Day. The song is "Mama Knows" and it's by Shenandoah and was a top 5 hit in the fall of 1988.

My mom has been on the show before when we did stories of our youth but nothing can take away the first radio job and the first radio request from my mother.

There is something nostalgic about "Mama Knows" that takes me right back to the fall of '88.


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