Jelika Lashes was in the bull studio giving Cefus and myself peels. I had a vitamin C peel and Cefus had the oxygen peel. Yes ... guys can get peels.

It was my first time getting a peel, so I had no idea what to expect. It was heavenly! It felt tingly, smelled delicious, it was so relaxing that I didn't want it to end and It only took about 30 minutes. Not to mention the fact that it was beneficial for my face and my face was glowing!

Cefus Getting An Oxygen Peel
Cefus After His Oxygen Peel

What a great holiday gift for the lady in your life or a guy! Right now you can get a $75 peel for $50.

Jelika has other peels besides the vitamnin c and the oxygen.

To schedule an appointment for a peel call 759-1799 or stop by Onyx Salon to purchase a gift certificate.