Every holiday it seems someone makes a social media post reminding us all not to bring up certain topics at the dinner table.

The idea is that nothing says FOOD FIGHT like comparing Biden to Trump or Charter Schools to Public Schools or should or shouldn't biological men compete in women's sports.

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Take On The Taboos

The "experts" say don't bring up religion or politics or finances....or any of the topics where extreme differences of opinion could provoke the awkward silence or the more awkward fistfight with uncle Glenn or worse yet, Aunt Jenny!

But we talk radio types live with these topics on a daily basis and we happen to believe it can be cathartic, refreshing, and reaffirming to have a spirited debate over candied yams and Easter hams.
Conversations about how nice the weather is in Arizona this time of year are generally unsatisfying to everyone.   So I say take the temperature in the room and then see if the heat rises with the introduction of a controversial subject or two.

Clean And Cauterize The Wounds

We have to learn to be able to talk to each other sooner or later or things will get a whole lot worse than they are now. Search for common ground, learn to toughen up, properly present your points, filter out emotion with logic and agreed with facts, and hopefully come to the realization that while we may disagree on details, we are all Americans and on the same team.

With that being said, here are a few target topics sure to bring out the best -or the worst in us- this Easter weekend.

#1 Donald Trump

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Why not.  The Donald still casts a giant shadow over the political landscape for about half of America while living rent-free in the hatred wing of the minds of about another half.  Choose from the formerly low gas prices versus the break-in at the Capitol, the victory over Isis vs those pesky tweets, the roaring economy vs  well...well, you'll think of something.

#2 Hunter Biden And The Smoking Laptop

Democrats Hold Unprecedented Virtual Convention From Milwaukee

DNCC via Getty Images

This one is more of a mix than the wildest of fruit salads.  The Hunter Biden story is the Easter Basket that keeps laying eggs.  Pick a side...Russian disinformation vs the smoking gun, Big Tech blocks the message vs The FOX news feeding frenzy, Hunter Biden selling access to the Vice President vs Trump, Trump, Trump, What About Trump????, mainstream media two years late and a dollar short vs millions of dollars passed on to the "big guy".  This might have been a better dinner show 6, 12, or 18 months ago when the left was still in denial but you should be able to squeeze out some respectable disrespectful reactions.

#3 Black Lives Matter

In this July 8, 2016, photo, a man holds up a sign saying "black lives matter" during a protest of shootings by police, in Washington by the White House. When it comes to picking a new president, young people in America are united in saying education is what matters most. But there's a wide split in what else will drive their votes. The poll showed major support for the Black Lives Matter movement among African-Americans polled — 84 percent. Support for Black Lives Matter polled at 68 percent for Asian-Americans, 53 percent for Hispanics and 41 percent for whites. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Here is a fun way to launch this...say, "anybody hear about the latest from the BLM?"  And when everyone gathered starts to freak out you say "Whoa, Whoa...I was asking about the Bureau of Land Management, you know...the BLM? "  But quickly follow that up saying,  " but now that YOU mention it, what about the missing 90 million, the multiple mansions, the lack of fiscal transparency?"   That ought to get the ball rolling....and you can sweeten the recipe with "how's that defund the police thing" working out?"    I suggest holding Critical Race Theory in reserve for when the conversation lulls.

#4 Illegal Immigration



This one is hotter than Grandma's buns fresh from the oven.  Conditions on the border are bad (burnt scalloped potatoes kinda bad) and they are about to get worse when Pres. #46 gets rid of Title #42  and S@%T #1 hits the fan!

You could explore Catch & Release vs Don't Catch and...SQUIRREL!.  Or why would the President allow the open border to remain a risk to our national security...or why would Erma put so many onions in a simple green bean casserole   What's wrong with a wall, what's wrong with the gravy...you get the idea.

What's Easter Got To Do With It

So, let's make this an Easter To Remember since it seems so many have truly forgotten the real message of Easter's sacrifice and path to forgiveness...and how we are supposed to treat each other...at the dinner table and beyond.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of Newstalk KIT host Dave Ettl. The opinions expressed are Dave's own. Catch Dave & Lance on The Morning News weekdays from 6 to 9 a.m., on AM 1280 or FM 101.3, taking your calls at 509-972 -5481

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