It's no secret I'm a huge movie buff and even less of a secret, that I've become obsessed with the Orion theater since I've moved here. Since theaters are open in Yakima county I've been excited to get back to the seats, fresh popcorn, and those snacks only the theaters have.

When I learned that The Orion did special cocktails for movies and even had a signature meal for most of their films I was hooked for what seems to be the perfect night out. Well coming soon there's a lot of blockbuster movies finally making their way to theaters and I wanted to make a list to show you which ones I'm pumped to see and will be at the theater opening night for.

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#5.) Dr. Strange and The Multiverse of Madness.

This movie doesn't even have a trailer yet but when I tell you this is going down in history as one of the biggest Marvel movies of all time believe me. It's already been announced that Wanda Maximoff will be in the movie and the two will be adventuring to different universes connected to Marvel, such as the fox universe and sony universe. My guess is we might see the introduction of the X-men into the marvel universe with Wanda facing off against daddy dearest Magneto. This film comes out on March 25th, 2022

#4.) Ghostbusters: Afterlife

This movie is the sequel to the original Ghostbuster movies, it follows a family that's given up on big city living and move to their grandfather's old farmhouse only to learn that their grandfather has ties to the original Ghostbusters and it's going to be up to them to use the tech he helped create to stop the ghosts taking over their town.

#3.) The Flash: Flashpoint

This movie is going to be insane, The Flash being the fastest man alive learns he can travel through time if he runs fast enough. However, whatever he does in the past will greatly affect his future. When Flash returns from the past he finds himself in a whole different world with different heroes than the ones he fought alongside during Justice League. Ben Affleck's Batman will be replaced by Michael Keaton's batman...yes the original Batman. He'll also be faced with a new Superwoman instead of superman. So far this is all we know but a trailer is rumored to be coming soon. The movie is hitting theaters on November 4th, 2022

#3.) Spider-Man: No Way Home

This movie comes out before Dr. Strange and The Multiverse of Madness and will give us our first look at the Marvel Multiverse. Spider-Man has had his identity revealed to the world after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Since then he's decided to go find Dr. Strange to help make the world forget Peter Parker is Spiderman. In this trailer, we get our look at the multiverse crossing over bringing Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2 into the MCU along with William Defoes Green Goblin and Jamie fox's electro from The Amazing  Spider-Man. That's just the tip of the iceberg because it turns out Toby Maguires Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield's Spider-man as well. Meaning Three Spider-men vs some of the greatest villains of all time. This movie is due out on December 17th, 2021.

#1.) The Batman

Go figure the movie I'm most excited about is The Batman, Robert Pattinson has picked up the cowl to join the film for Matt Reeves who wrote and directed the planet of the ape's movies. This movie will follow Batman in his second year as Batman and fighting with himself to figure out who he is, Bruce Wayne or Batman. The riddler will be the main villain of this movie joined by The Penguin and Catwoman some of the biggest villains of his rogue gallery this movie promises to have fans on the edge of their seats as WB introduces their new Batman.

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