Check out this list from "Reader's Digest" of the worst commutes in the WORLD.  They are all pretty bad... but #2 on the list fascinates me.  I watched the video of the zip line several times.  I can't believe how young the kids are riding that zip line!  Check out the video below.


You've probably heard how crammed-in they are in Beijing:  Last August, a traffic jam stretched for 60 miles and lasted NINE DAYS.  So Beijing definitely makes the list.  Here are four more.

#1.)  The Tokyo Rail System.  It gets so packed, you just stand there and can't move at all.  So they actually have "train pushers" who wear white gloves and literally pack people into the train so the doors can close.

The system gets around 8.7 million passengers a day, and regularly runs at 200% capacity.  Plus, you have to deal with the, quote, "chikan," which loosely translates to "train gropers."


#2.) The Los Pinos Zipline.  The village of Los Pinos is in the middle of the Colombian jungle, and to get to school, kids either have to walk around a 1,200-foot gorge, or use a 1,300-foot zip line to go OVER it.

They use a piece of wood as a brake, so they don't slam into the tires on the other side at 40 miles an hour.  (--Check out a video of people using it.)


#3.)  The Hussaini Bridge in Pakistan.  It's made of rope and wood, it's 635 feet long, and it's completely falling apart.

People use it to transport crops, firewood, and livestock.  It's not very high, but it crosses a huge river.  And if you fall in, you can easily get swept away and drown.


#4.)  Yungus Road in Bolivia.  It's 38-miles long, and most of it is only wide enough for one car . . . but it's not one-way.  And if you drive off the side, you fall 3,000 feet.

Hundreds of people have died on it, so it's also known as "El Camino de la Muerte," which means "The Road of Death".