Townsquare Media / John Taylor
Townsquare Media / John Taylor

All the impeachment debate on Facebook leaving you cold? How about joining a red-hot alternative conversation that is having a chilling effect on social media?

 Here goes.
On these cold, fresh mornings when you step outside, the chill takes your breath away and you see the world encased in ice, just what are you looking at?
Is this the phenomenon known as hoar frost, OR are you experiencing what's known as rime ice?
Believe it or not, it's actually a bone-chilling bone of contention on social media. Hoar frost or rime ice, rime ice or hoar frost?
Is there even a difference?
Science says it has to do with how the ice crystals are formed: Hoar frost develops when water vapor freezes, going directly from the gaseous state to the solid and wrapped around fences, branches, leaves and anything unmovable and left outside.
On the other hand, rime ice forms where supercooled liquid water droplets freeze on contact with cold surfaces.
One sounds spontaneous, the other sounds like it needs fog, rain or mist to form but I will admit to not being an expert. So when I see the winter wonderland of  ice crystals in the morning, I take stock and appreciate the beauty, I then say a gentle prayer for an early spring and all the while I have no idea about hoar frost or rime ice!
How about you? Which do you think we're seeing around the Yakima Valley this week?

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