On the internet, there is always someone who is wrong. Always. It WAS my mission to intervene. I was wrong.  

Recently, a couple months ago, I took a break from Social Media. I made the decision after hearing from others who did the same and they raved about the results. I wanted to find out for myself. 

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I have read articles on social media and it’s addictive properties. It has been shown that when we receive messages via social media (including texts), that we receive a dopamine spike that is addicting. I don’t know about you, but I do not like being beholden to prescriptions, nor am I comfortable with any sort of addiction, including a dopamine addiction.  

Taking a break from social media has a name – it's called “Dopamine fasting.” Read more about that here... 

Am glad I took this break. I found myself happier, less anxiety ridden and more content. Sometimes we just need a break from that stuff to clear our heads and put things in perspective. 

I replaced social media time with other things. I started doing yoga (shout out To DDP Yoga). Spent more time listening to music (which we all know feeds the soul). I found myself being thankful for the small things. Things I took for granted – conversations over coffee, the joy of just sitting down and enjoying the silence - the noise in my life was lowered significantly. I liked it.  

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  One of the biggest changes I discovered was that my anxiety levels dropped significantly. Anxiety is natural. Some people get anxious just about BEING anxious. Mine anxiety is chronic, not situational. A chemical imbalance. I found that when I was on social media, my anxiety would spike. I don't like that. My body was talking to me. Maybe I should listen to it. Anything I can to do to minimize my anxiety, is a small victory. This break turned out to be the right move.  

I didn’t make any announcements on leaving social media. I didn't make a big deal about it, I just quit on a Monday. After my break for several weeks, logged back on and found a bunch of messages from people who asked if I was alright. Everything OK?” “Where’s Jim?” It did feel nice. It was good to be back (there’s that dopamine rush again).   

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Am so glad I did this. If you find yourself anxiety ridden, worked up, frustrated, angry or are on social media constantly, you may need to dopamine fast for the sake of your health and for those in your life. 

One of the benefits I have re-discovered is the adage that is so true on so many levels – everything in moderation.  

Balance in life, is key!  

All my Best,

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