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The right destination
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Why is it when we are faced with opportunities and chances to grow our first instinct is to run? Why is it that when faced with a struggle, we forfeit and choose not to fight? So many people tend to look at things like opportunity and struggle with fear because a lot of the time the outcome is unknown. Instead of embracing the feeling and letting life take us where we need to go, we retreat in fear.

Just recently I was faced with one of these opportunities -- one where I really didn't know what would be waiting for us on the other side. I knew the promises that were there, but I didn't know what to expect or how I would handle the hurdles. Would I be able to jump high enough to meet the standards and expectations? Would my family be able to look past the choice and see the beauty that is on the other side of that choice?

So many options had to be considered in a very short period of time, and I knew I couldn't make this choice on my own. I needed advice from people who have had to make the same type of choice I was faced with. I was surrounded by people who all had skin in the game -- meaning every person who was around me would be affected by the choice I had to make. So I leaned on a few people who I had never met, but knew they could help. I built my own personal counseling team, if you will, to help look at the pros and cons of this particular choice. And they did their part. This small group of people helped me harness my fear of change and chance, and turn it into optimism and ultimately realize that my fear was actually an overwhelming amount of excitement for a new adventure.

Once I had my list of pros and cons and had realized the exact emotion of what I was feeling, I ran to the ear whose opinion I needed the most: Jordan's. My fiance and I went back and forth, back and forth, weighing options, to jump or not to jump. At that moment we still didn't have a clear answer. That was when Gunner stepped in. He said he'd read a book called "Jump," by Steve Harvey. Now I am was not big into self-help motivational books, until I heard this book. I listened to it first, and after I did I had a clear view of my options. So I had Jordan listen to it as well. It was clear to the both of us what needed to be done for our family and our future. Together, hand in hand, we would jump -- jump at an opportunity that was so much bigger than us.

Now I know I have left you wondering what exactly the jump is for my family, but you will have to wait and see. The time is not right to spill the beans yet. But I promise as time goes on you will see the leap!


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