Rolling Stone has decided to publish their list of the worst songs of the 80's and I have to say they have fielded an obvious list - they take shots at the easiest songs and I make the assumption that the 20-something Rolling Stone writer wasn't even alive in the 80's or if they were, they were rolling around in a dirty diaper and would have no idea what constitutes a bad song from the 80's. When you make the list of the worse 80's songs, you can't just pick songs that you term 'uncool' as of 2011. Those songs were huge in the 80's and everyone was rocking with those tunes or else they wouldn't have sold million of copies. I thought I would revisit the 80's from my perspective. I looked over a 1000 80's titles from the Billboard Top 100 from the era and I'm revising this list as it would be appear from a true 80's child and 80's music lover perspective - see if you agree or disagree.

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    Charlie Dore - Pilot Of The Airwaves

    This song hit #13 in 1980, and for a million years I couldn't decide if it was a male or female singing...the reason for it being a hit record? Disc Jockey's love songs that are about them...

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    The Oak Ridge Boys - Elvira

    A Top 5 pop song in 1981 for the Oak Ridge Boys...Elvira works great as a country song but this has to be one of the cheesiest songs of any decade...Rolling Stone left this song of their list but included a Bon Jovi or A Starship song? ...this hands down is your winner

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    Ollie and Jerry - Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us

    Ollie and Jerry's Breakin' has to be on our list...Breakdancin' was a huge fad in the 80's and this song from the 1985 movie "Breakin" exemplifies the era for excess ...roll out the hacky sack and rubix cube while we traverse the 80's together.

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    Don Johnson - Heartbeat

    Miami Vice fame couldn't save this 80's song from getting on my list. This song reached the #5 slot in 1986 and proved that actors could get record deals just like serious musicians ... there has always been a trend of actors starting with Ricky Nelson all the way to Will Smith and beyond..this might be Dweezil Zappa's shining moment on the guitar solo though...h'm

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    Buckner and Garcia - Pac-Man Fever

    Lace up the skates and hit the all-skate on this 80's gem...Rolling Stone totally missed this one hit can't make a list of the 80's and not include a little Pac-Man fever...hang on...I need to hit the back in a second.