The expansion and the NHL draft have come and gone but the Seattle Kraken is still making big moves. If you've been on social media you've seen they're not pulling punches. They've picked up multiple unsigned players and posting them as soon as the deal goes through.

The team we saw at the expansion draft has vastly changed, seeing some players already traded under a day later. Like I mentioned in another article they made sure to not fill the salary cap, doing so they've signed some huge players to our starting lineup.

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Alexander Wennberg, Center

This Swedish player has moved around quite a bit for the NHL starting for the Columbus Blue Jackets and later making his way to the Florida Panthers, Alexander finds his new home in Seattle with The Kraken. If you're not familiar with the term "Hat Trick" it's three goals from the same person. If you're a sports fan you're very familiar with that term, if not get ready to hear it a lot with Alex on our team. They locked him down with a 3-year contract worth 4.5 million dollars.

Jaden Schwartz, Forward

Former St. Louis Blues Jaden was left on the free-agent list, wasting no time The Seattle Kraken struck while the iron was hot. Coming off a Stanley Cup Championship Schwartz has the experience and knowledge of being a forward for a successful team. That means he's gonna fit right in with Seattle. Jaden Schwartz has a contract for 5 years with The Seattle Kraken worth 5.5 million dollars.

Philipp Grubauer, Goaltender

Philipp Grubauer comes all the from Germany, playing in the NHL after he was drafted by the Washington Nationals. He was later traded to the Colorado Avalanche leading up to him becoming a free agent. Once again The Kraken saw their chance and wrapped their tentacles right around it. They Signed Grubauer to a 6 year deal with a 5.9 million dollar contract. Don't worry tho the fan response has not been good...for Colarado. Seattle Kraken fans however are ecstatic and for good reason.


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