If you still haven't bought something for Father's Day, you've got about 48 hours left.  But I found a list on Complex.com of lame presents to avoid.  It has obvious stuff no one would ever buy their dad, like scented candles and man-purses.

Plus these seven things you should probably avoid.  If you DID buy something on this list, don't panic.  You just might want to think about a back-up gift.

#7.)  Any T-Shirt with the Word "Dad" on It.  He might wear it, even though it's lame.  But he'd almost definitely prefer a T-shirt with NOTHING on it.

#6.)  A "Hot Sauce of the Month Club" Membership.  Complex.com says ANY monthly membership like that is lame, because it SEEMS thoughtful, but isn't.  (--With that said, I tend to think anything food-related is a safe bet.)

#5.)  Dad Jeans.  If you're giving him jeans, they say to upgrade his style a bit.  But the thing is, he probably likes his dad jeans because they're COMFORTABLE, not because they LOOK good.  So jeans in general are a risky Father's Day present.

#4.)  Underwear.  If you gave him a three-pack of boxer shorts on any other day, I guarantee he'd appreciate it.  But on Father's Day, it just says you put in zero effort.

#3.)  Hair Products.  This one's probably the worst thing on the list.  Unless it's a gag gift or something, let HIM worry about his hair.  He knows how much he's got left.

#2.)  A Novelty Tie.  He might wear it once or twice, but if you really want to do the Father's Day tie thing, get him a NICE tie.  And get him something else to go with it.

#1.)  A Coffee Mug.  If it says something like "World's Greatest Dad" on it, maybe.  It just can't be the ONLY gift you give him.

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