The Simpsons promised earlier this summer that it would break with 30 years of tradition, and stop allowing white actors to voice non-white characters. The decision came after mounting controversy around the show and its depiction of some of Springfield’s minority population — like Apu, an Indian manager of the Kwik-E Mart voiced by Hank Azaria.

Even before The Simpsons officially announced the change, Azaria had already said he would no longer voice Apu. In the show’s season premiere, it has already made good on that promise, as another of Azaria’s non-white characters, Homer’s buddy Carl, appears with a new voice. It’s provided by actor Alex Désert. More, via Variety:

It’s unclear whether Désert is Carl’s permanent voice, and if he’ll be voicing other characters as well. Among other recurring characters the edict might impact include Dr. Julius Hibbert, who is seen in the episode, but doesn’t speak.

Harry Shearer actually originated the voice of Carl during The Simpsons’ first season. He was then replaced in the role by Shearer, who has performed Carl for the better part of three decades. Désert is a veteran actor in both live-action and animation, having appeared in series like BeckerBoy Meets World, and Better Call Saul, and provided voices on shows like Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, where he portrayed Nick Fury.

The Simpsons’ Season 32 premiere airs this Sunday night on Fox.

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