Fandango just released the results of a survey on the top 10 movie-themed Halloween costumes for 2012.  And coming in NINTH place on the men's list was dressing as a male stripper from "Magic Mike".

Nothing THAT ambitious made the top 10 for women, but the number one women's costume ALSO requires having a pretty ridiculous body:  Catwoman from "The Dark Knight Rises".

The four top costumes for men are all from "The Avengers".  And in a positive sign of the times, only one costume on either list is from "Twilight".

Here are the rest of top 10 movie-themed costumes for both men and women.


#1.)  Thor, "The Avengers".

#2.)  Iron Man, "The Avengers".

#3.)  Captain America, "The Avengers".

#4.)  The Hulk, "The Avengers".

#5.)  Batman, "The Dark Knight Rises".

#6.)  James Bond, "Skyfall".

#7.)  Ted the bear, "Ted".

#8.)  Gandalf, "The Hobbit".

#9.)  Magic Mike, "Magic Mike".

#10.)  Wreck-It Ralph, "Wreck-It Ralph".


#1.)  Catwoman, "The Dark Knight Rises".

#2.)  Katniss, "The Hunger Games".

#3.)  Snow White, "Snow White and the Huntsman".

#4.)  Queen Ravenna, "Snow White and the Huntsman".

#5.)  Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson's character in "The Avengers".

#6.)  Bella, as a Vampire, "Twilight:  Breaking Dawn - Part Two".

#7.)  Effie Trinket, "Hunger Games".

#8.)  Selene, "Underworld:  Awakening".

#9.)  Merida, "Brave".

#10.)  Alice, "Resident Evil:  Retribution".

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