Washington has a lot of fun and awesome facts that built our State into what it is today. Back in World War II Boeing was building B-17 bombers to help support the country during the war. However, it wasn't safe for them to do it in their normal plants without the fear of being attacked.

Instead of moving their plants inland and away from the coast, they hired a movie director to come to Washington State and hide their factory in playing site. This helped secure the safety of the planes being built and making an entire change in the war.

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Boeing hired a movie director to come in and help design the "set" which was over 26 acres using chicken wire, plywood, glass, and chicken feathers. The Buildings were only four feet tall but gave off the full effect of a real living and breathing neighborhood. Of course on the ground, it just looked like a weird mess in the middle of nowhere, but in the sky, it looked like a real neighborhood. This protected Boeing and the factory workers as they were building the planes. The plant itself was built and used in 1944 only to be taken down in 1945 a year later about a week before V-J day.

This location was also disclosed to the public thru the press after government officials released the files on it. Granted back then there was no internet and even today it's not extremely well known. However, this did help aid the U.S during the war, and some even state it's the reason why we won the war.

Check out this video explaining how all of it was created.

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