Though I'm always looking out for the newest spots in Yakima to grab something to eat, my kids are more apt to find new places that provide fun drinks. I'm all about that. Fortunately, just off of 56th and Summitview you'll find For Heaven'S Cake, a cute place for cupcakes, cookies and custom cakes for any occasion. I checked out this place in late March when they opened in that new location. One thing I didn't cover were all their great-looking drinks.

These Instagrammable, TikTok-able drinks looked amazing but I didn't grab any. I was just there the other day with one of my kids so they were able to grab one to let me know how it went.

The one they bought was this Kiwi Strawberry smoothie. It looked great enough. But the question that came next sparked curiosity, bewilderment and pure joy when they asked.

"Do you want it milk-based or would you like it with Mountain Dew?"

Moutain Dew? That was an option this whole time?!

Naturally, they went for the Mountain Dew because 'of course they did'. They really enjoy the drinks made with Red Bull at many other spots in town. And I like the option for Mountain Dew because my poor heart can't take that much caffeine at once so it's not wise for me to be drinking any energy drinks. Mountain Dew, however, is perfectly fine. In moderation, of course.

I did try a sip of this and found it to be lovely. The perfect thing in the coming summer days. Or even this cloudy day as it was on this particular day.

They have a ton of other drinks to choose from including some that go above and beyond over the rim of the cup. Plenty of reasons to return to try others in the future.

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