Will this ever end? It makes me so sad to hear stories like this in the wake of yet another mass shooting in our country. Unfortunately, this is our reality. Luckily, this specific threat didn't get carried out, but it's still a scary situation. According to KIMA, three Grandview High School students have been arrested on suspicion of making "threats to shoot students at the school."

Apparently the school's resource officer received information that prompted an investigation from the Grandview Police Department over the weekend. The three students' names are not being disclosed, but KIMA reports that they are in custody at the Yakima County Juvenile Department.

The silver lining here, in my opinion, is that students are speaking up when they hear something. I think the fact that everyone is working together to create safer environments is amazing. Kudos to those students who spoke up, the resource officer for taking action and the police for a swift investigation.

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