OK, so we already know you listen to 92.9 The Bull while you’re heading into work and on your way home. I mean, why would you? You have chances to score amazing tickets, cash and so much more. But did you know that listening at work could be beneficial for your health and job productivity? Listen, this is actually scientifically based, OK? Here’s how CBS News breaks it down:

It Improves Your Mood

According to a study at the University of WIndsor in Canada, “background music improves your mood and enhances perception while working”. They also found that there’s an increase in curiosity.

It Makes You Feel Calmer

It Can Help You Focus

Need to get a project done, turn up WOW 104.3, because according to Peter Quily, an adult Attention Deficit Disorder coach, “listening to music can increase dopamine levels in your brain -- which in turn can help you focus.”

So there you go, the next time your boss tells you to turn it down, just look straight into their eyes and say “it’s science, you’re welcome.”


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