Tim McGraw, as with many other country artists, is unable to safely tour due to COVID-19. So, he has had more time to spend with his family. During a (virtual) appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the superstar talks about how he has used some of that free time to take take roadtrips with family over the summer.

"We've been home a lot. We're homebodies anyway," says McGraw, who canceled his 2020 Here on Earth Tour earlier this year due to the ongoing pandemic. "We," of course, is McGraw and fellow singer and wife Faith Hill.

"Faith and I like to stay at home, and we don't get out much," he shares, "But we did some road trips this summer."

The loving husband, who shares three daughters with Hill, goes on to explain that he and his wife — along with the couple’s youngest daughter, Audrey Caroline — packed into the family’s fifteen-year-old Cadillac Escalade for their getaway, which saw them visiting the married couple's two older daughters, Gracie and Maggie Elizabeth, who currently live in California.

"One is down in L.A. and ones up in Palo Alto," McGraw says of his girls, now young adults.

"We don't want to fly. We don't want to do all of that, and, of course, we weren't touring or anything, so we had a little bit of time," he reasons. "We went the southern way and spent a little while in L.A. and then drove up to Palo Alto and visited our other daughter, and then we took the northern route home. We did that like three times this summer."

Although the trip was adventurous for both McGraw and Hill, the "I Called Mama" singer call it a "drawback" for the married couple's youngest daughter. Audrey McGraw graduated from high school earlier this year, and with everything shut down, she has been quarantining with her parents since March.

"Audrey turns 19 [years old] in December, and she's about to leave the house. She's been stuck with us her senior year," McGraw explains. "She graduated this year from high school. So her senior year, all the way from March when the world, sort of, changed, she's been stuck with us pretty much solid the whole time."

McGraw and Hill celebrated 24 years of marriage on Oct. 6. He, of course, had a lot to say about the woman he says makes him a better man.

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McGraw says that even though Audrey has made it clear to her parents that she’s more than ready to leave the nest, he refers to the extra time he got to spend with his her as a "blessing."

"A kid's senior year, you don’t get to spend that much time with them," McGraw acknowledges. "They're so busy, especially toward the end of the year, and they're gearing up for college and leaving and doing all of that stuff. So, for us, it was great that we got to spend that time with her and have her hang at home and take these roadtrips.

"But for her, I think by this time now, when we walk into the room, she takes a big sigh and looks at us with disgust," he jokes. "I mean, she's so over us now and wants to get away."

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