I remember waking up 17 years ago, I was in my first year at Yakima Valley Community College. I was still living at home, dressed in my pajamas I turned on the tv and for the rest of the day sat frozen in front of it. I had never seen anything like the destruction happening in real time. Witnessing newscasters breaking down and crying as they held others covered in ash. Helpless victims making the decision to jump instead of wait for the inevitable crash of the building. My heart still hurts.

17 years later I still want to speak about this and remind people of the ultimate sacrifices that were made that day. Lives were lost to save even more lives. And though I would NEVER wish anyone to have to receive the phone calls that Deena received from her husband, at the same time what a blessing to have a recording of one of the most heroic decisions ever.

Thank you to the passengers of United Flight 93. To Tom for calling his wife and sharing what happened. For being brave enough, selfless enough to realize the only way to save more was to take back the plane and drive it into the ground.

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