Now that it's almost time for Back-to-School, I've been racking my brain trying to come up with some tasty afterschool snacks for my soon-to-be-5th-grader at home, Little Miss Willow. Since I know that she loves watching TikTok videos, I figured these three quick and easy recipes would inspire the future Masterchef Junior in her!

3 Awesome TikTok Food Hacks Using Local Products: Taco Salad Dorito Bags, Banana Nutella Melt, and Strawberry Nutella Bites

Taco Salad Dorito Bags: @stoveandgarden

The ingredients used are stuff that you stuff inside a regular taco shell: cooked seasoned ground meat and the fixings. You can add:

  • Tomatoes
  • Shredded lettuce,
  • Shredded cheddar cheese,
  • Diced onions,
  • Cilantro,
  • Guacamole,
  • Sour Cream,
  • Sliced black olives if that is your jam, you name it!

You simply load all of your ingredients into a small-sized bag of crushed Doritos. Make sure you cut the top half of the bag with some scissors/kitchen scissors to make your food hack complete. I am going to try this out on my 10-year-old daughter, Willow, and she if she likes it, she's a tough crowd AND a picky eater.


Get your meat from a local butcher like Ray's Retail Meats or Snyder's German Sausage. Buy your tomatoes and onions from the Ellensburg or Downtown Yakima Market to keep it fresh and local!

Strawberry Nutella Bites: @power_vision

Grab some strawberries, a strong straw, a syringe, a cutting board and go to town! Place some strawberries on your cutting board. Get rid of the stems to your strawberries by simply jabbing a straw through the center of it. Next, pack some Nutella inside a small syringe and squeeze the syringe tip into the strawberry hole. Voila, you now have a TikTok food hack on your hands.


Purchase strawberries (or other seasonal berries) from one of the local fruit stands, like Bill's Berry Farm, Johnson Orchards, or Washington Fruit.

Nutella Banana Melt: @power_vision

Another hack from the food maestro, Power Vision. Get a piece of white bread and slather on the Nutella spread. Slice up a banana and layer the slices on your bread. Top it with another piece of white bread and butter the sandwich on both sides. Toast both sides of the sandwich until the Nutella melts and the bread is golden brown. Put the hot sandwich on a plate and slice it in half. Presto, chang-o, you've got a TikTok food hack!


Keep this food hack local buy purchasing your bread from a local outlet like Franz, or even a local bakery such as Buhrmaster or Essencia Bakery.

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