Almost everybody loves going to carnivals and fairs. There are rides, games and many things for your entertainment. But most importantly, there is food. Very expensive food, but also pretty delicious. I have come up with my top five carnival and fair foods and here they are.

5) Corn Dog: One of the fair classics. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of corn dogs but at the fair, they taste way better. All in all not my favorite thing to have so I place it at number five

4) Beer Battered Fries: Yes, I'm aware that you can get beer battered fries in more places then just fairs and carnivals, but I usually get them at fairs. They have a very different taste to them which makes them not boring and delicious. I place them at number four

3) Funnel Cake: Well, what says "I belong at the fair" more then deep fried foods? The Funnel cake is one of my favorites. The powdered sugar and whatever else is in it just seems to always taste amazing. Again not my extreme favorite, so I place it at number three

2) Deep Fried Oreo's: People always say I'm weird for liking these but I love them. I do believe that you can't say you don't like something if you haven't tried it. Deep fried Oreo's are very good in my opinion. This one was very close to my number one, and just lost by inches. So I place it at number two

1) Elephant Ear: I can honestly say that I have never met someone who has said the words "I don't like elephant ears". Elephant Ears are my absolute favorite fair and carnival food. The huge and crisp cinnamon covered goodness just can't be beat. I place it at number one.

If you have any additions or think that I missed a food, please comment. And as always, head bang on!

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