The first teaser for "Toy Story 4" came out Monday, and all our favorite characters are back!  AND, there's a new character. His name is FORKY, and he's a plastic fork with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms. Technically, he's a SPORK, so maybe he should have been named "Sporky"? Whatev.

The first Toy Story debuted in 1995. I was in JUNIOR HIGH! Now this franchise that has been around for 23 years, will pick up an entire new generation of fans. "Toy Story Land" is now a thing at Disney World too.

Definitely looking forward to a "Toy Story" movie marathon with my 6-year-old & 2-year-old daughters as we await the premiere of "Toy Story 4"!

Check out the teaser trailer for "Toy Story 4" below.

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