As he gears up for the premiere of his upcoming Fox TV series, Monarch, Trace Adkins reflected on his brief, memorable work with actor Anne Heche on another project, 13 Minutes. That film — released in October 2021 — was one of the last projects Heche worked on before her death in early August.

"My time with Anne was way too short," Adkins recounts to Fox News. "I met her and got to work with her and spent a couple of weeks with her and just enjoyed every minute of it."

The country star and actor says that he appreciated the enthusiasm and energy Heche always brought to a set. "I mean, the energy that she brought with her into the room was just — it was just infectious, you know," he continues, "And she just brought everybody up a little bit when she would come on set."

According to Deadline, Heche was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles on Aug. 5, and was officially declared braindead several days later. She was left on a ventilator with her heart beating so that her organs could be evaluated for donation, and ultimately, "multiple organs" were scheduled to be recovered for donating. Her death was subsequently ruled an accident, and the cause of death was listed as "smoke inhalation and thermal injuries." She was 53.

"I enjoyed working with her, and it's just tragic. It's tragic," Adkins says of Heche's death. "I hate that I won't get to work with her again."

Monarch will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 11. Adkins stars opposite Susan Sarandon on the show, and country stars like Shania Twain, Tanya Tucker, Little Big Town and Martina McBride will make guest appearances on the series.

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