Last month, Ty Herndon had his truck stolen from the driveway of his home. Now, the country singer has recovered the vehicle with the help of the authorities, but it didn't come back in the same condition as when Herndon last drove it.

Herndon's pickup now has a few bullet holes in it. That's how the "What Mattered Most" crooner summarized the situation in a video he shared on Instagram this week. In the clip, the musician attempts to stifle his anger at the predicament while indicating the large amount of work he put in to purchase the truck in the first place.

"So they called me this morning, and they found my truck," Herndon explains. "I have an extreme amount of mixed emotions today. We all work hard for a living, we do. I've had some emotions this morning."

"Today, I actually got mad. Someone can walk up into my driveway of my house, break into my truck, take it," he continues, "And it's gone for three weeks, and I get a call this morning that they found my truck with five bullet holes in it."

Herndon had been renting a truck for the past three weeks until the stolen vehicle cropped up. In a separate post, the musician offered a close-up look at two bullet holes now in the side of his once-new ride.

But the singer isn't going to let the unhappy situation get to him completely. While Herndon's affection for the vehicle is evident, he suggested that the incident hasn't entirely tarnished his faith in fellow citizens.

"I am so frigging frustrated right now," he adds. "I love that truck; I worked hard for it. First brand new truck I ever bought. … But I'm here at the police [im]pound lot. I'm going to go look at the truck and see what's stolen, how it looks. And [I] know that I live in a country that I believe better than this of human beings."

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