The U.S. Meat Export Federation Market Expo began last week in Shanghai, China. The tour began with an overview of the Federation’s marketing objectives in China and an explanation of several market-access issues that impact U.S. meat exports into the region. The U.S. Agricultural Trade Office in Shanghai then provided a briefing on the business climate in China for U.S. ag products and detailing the U.S. government’s efforts to expand trade between the U.S. and China. The USMEF team had the opportunity to meet with pork importers.

After the McDonald’s announcement to stop purchasing chicken raised with shared-use antibiotics - Costco announced its efforts to eliminate the sale of chicken and meat from other animals raised with antibiotics vital to fighting human infections. Costco Vice President of Food Safety Craig Wilson told Reuters it’s going to take time - but he thinks everyone wants to move to a point where human-use antibiotics are out of the system. Due to supply constraints - Costco doesn’t have a target date to reach this goal.

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