We are all ordering A TON more food via deliveries during ‘Rona. Restaurants are booming along with delivery services. Brian and I were talking one morning after ordering food and we asked – I wonder which service is better – Uber Eats? Or Doordash?

We proposed a race between the two major delivery services. We would rate them both on efficiency, cost, overall experience, which is faster and food condition.

This morning Brian and I put the two to the test. We both ordered the same thing from the same restaurant (McDonalds on Summitview), and ordered at the same time. I choose Uber Eats, Brian represented Door Dash. The race was on!

We ordered at 6:35am. My Uber Eats driver was Jarod. Brian Door Dashed with Chad.  As soon as we ordered, a flurry of digital activity took place on our devices. My order was expected around 6:55. Brian has an exact time of 21 minutes.

Ugh, I may lose this one.

At 6:52, Brian received an update. His food was 3 minutes away.  Ugh. Mine was still stuck at 6:55. Brian got the notification that his delivery was at the door. He went to retrieve his order. That’s when I got my notification – mine was being dropped off as well! Brian’s was delivered at 6:56. Mine at 6:57.

We brought the food in the studio. All was good! Brian’s coffee spilled a bit in the bag during delivery as a result of a loose lid. Other than that, both were good to go!

Both services worked well. One difference – the price. My breakfast burrito cost $7.93 (with tip). Brian’s $13 and change (he did order has mandatory coffee).

Overall, there was little difference between the two. So, feel free to order your next delivery knowing you are in good hands!


All My Best,

The Jimshow


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