Washington state is cracking down on Washingtonians, with new covid restrictions in place of the new world we're seeing a rise in some illegal activity. Not in the kind you may be thinking tho.

New laws came into effect in 2021 restricting Police, believed to be for the better, now we're seeing new laws that seem to damage our rights and help people committing acts such as drive-bys.

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So what's this new law that's restricting Washingtonians and is it for the better? New restrictions came into place requiring proof of vaccination to enter business in the pacific northwest area, if you're not vaccinated you need proof of a negative covid test to be able to enter.

Some people are finding their way around it by printing fake covid vaccination cards and filling them out themselves. Strangely enough, there's no sure way to tell what the fake looks like. The only way to tell is to see if there's any trace in Washington state medical system to say whether or not someone is truly vaccinated.

Repercussions of a fake vaccine card are still up in the air as Washington lawmakers are trying to push the bill thru to confront those using fake cards.

So far it sounds like fines will be the start of fake covid cards but could equal out into jail time if fines aren't able to be paid or the person accused has done it more than once.

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