Over the weekend I drove up to Moses Lake, Washington to attend a retro swap meet of sorts. Items from our childhood including toys, video games, comics and a lot more were all represented. It wasn't a very big event in downtown Moses Lake. It took over a youth center that already had some mini arcades upstairs and a couple playable video games. It was in downtown Moses Lake so it gave myself a reason to visit, even if for a few hours.

This event was free to attend and free to bring your own items to trade and sell. I always have retro video games like from Nintendo and Sega I bring to other video game expos so I brought a few things. It was fun talking to people who came by as well, reminiscing of a more simple time when you could just plug a cartridge into a console and start playing it immediately without downloads and updates and all that. All like-minded folks at these types of places.

I spoke to a few that were from Moses Lake themselves but there were also people from Tri-Cities and Spokane and even a few others from Yakima other than myself and my family. Fun to see!

I'm not sure when the next one is but I'll let you know when they announce anything. According to the organizer the turnout was better than he expected so I'm sure they'll do it again.


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