Genre-blurring country star Walker Hayes has joined hit rapper Flo Rida for a new song, "High Heels."

Co-written by Hayes, Breyan Isaac, Daniel Majic, Dre Davidson, Fraser Churchill, Meron Mengist and Sean Davidson, the jaunty track is an ode to life and the importance of finding contentment in the things that truly matter.

While the production is upbeat, the lyrical narrative is deeply personal and reflective of artists' often-hidden struggles with self-worth and confidence. Right from the get-go when Flo Rida opens the song, listeners get a glimpse of the struggles he's faced.

"I wake up like a billion dollars in the morning / I pick and choose from twenty cars on Mr. Foreigns / I’ll take my whisky neat to hide my mixed emotions / And they don’t got a clue," goes the plain-spoken first verse.

Flo Rida then continues in the breezy chorus, “My life is like parties over sleep / Monkey in the middle of my money and my dreams / My life is like high heels on the beach, perfect on the surface but I’m sinking underneath / You know my life is like / You Know, life is priceless / There’s pressure but, I guess pressure make diamonds."

The "Fancy Like" hitmaker arrives in the second verse to honestly deliver a snippet of his personal life story in 2020 and 2021.

“You know my life is like / Giddy up giddy up, family daddy / Almost got that Grammy, but I guess they don’t do fancy like me, but I’m cool with it / I got low miles on my Prius / Rollin’ down the row with Jesus and my food at Applebee’s is for free / I got this light and I’m lit like flash, oh god / I’m blessed / I do my best, I do cuz I got so much I could lose / And they don’t got a clue,” Hayes proclaims proudly as he shoutouts his massive No. 1 hit and passion for God, family, and of course, good ol’ Applebee’s.

“High Heels” is the latest release from Hayes. It follows his collaboration with Christian singer Zach Williams on their song "Jesus Fault," as well as "That Dog’ll Hunt" and Hayes’ current single at country radio, "Y’all Life." Earlier this year, the Alabama native dropped his third studio record, Country Stuff the Album, which featured the hit singles “Fancy Like,” “U Gurl” and “AA.”

Hayes is currently out on his headlining arena tour, Glad You’re Here, with upcoming stops in Kentucky, Ohio, California and more. Visit his website for more information.

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