Don't look now, but, the holidays are coming, and the same thing that happens every year has already begun. We're bombarded with an avalanche of holiday-themed advertising designed to help us to know exactly what little Kelly wants for Christmas this year.

Now, I know that I'm pointing out the obvious here, and I'm certainly not biting the hand that feeds me, I mean, advertising is GOOD (cha-ching). I'm just saying that it's a phenomenon of our modern age where commercialization meets communication face to face.

Vintage Yakima TV Commercials

These days, there's 'Black Friday' and 'Blue Friday' and 'Cyber Monday'. We're alerted by our phones, computers, tablets, radios, televisions, and even our watches with the latest holiday sales with the best prices on just the perfect gift!

In spite of this holiday advertising fatigue we all may be feeling by the time Christmas rolls around, I stumbled upon something that took me back a couple of decades that put a smile on my face and a sense of nostalgia in my heart. I'll share some of what I found with you now. Vintage Yakima TV Commercials - mostly holiday themes with a few bonus TV spots thrown in for good measure.

Vintage Yakima Mall Holiday TV Commercial - 1994

We begin with a commercial that takes us back to 1994 and a business that no longer exists: The Yakima Mall. Remember the downtown mall? See if you recognize anyone in this local TV gem.

Check out these next few pictures which are sneak peeks of what's to come in the compilation video below.

Vintage Yakima TV Commercials - 80s & 90s

Recognize anyone? Take you back to a simpler time? Sometimes, that's all we really want anyway.

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