We've all been going through this pandemic for over a year now. Some states have had their own rules and restrictions for what they deem best for their communities. As it turns out, Washington seems to be doing pretty well as we're in the Top 10 states deemed safest during Covid-19.

Source: WalletHub

According to Wallet Hub, Safest belongs to Alaska which makes sense. They're away from a lot and even traveling there requires proof of negative test. Same with Hawaii at #3 for the longest time.

Washington comes in 9th place just making the top 10. I'm cool with it. We're all doing what we can as we safely reopen.

Worst states goes to Georgia followed by New York, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. Some have far less restrictions than we have, opening early and even now as some states are going mask-free.

Several criteria went into making this list. Nice to see Washington also ranks #4 in lowest hospitalization rate.

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