I have lived in the Tri-Cities for almost 20 years now and yes there seem to be a lot of bad drivers that live here. A local Washinton State Trooper obviously thinks the same after pointing out one bad habit Tri-Cities drivers have.


Washington State Trooper Points Out Tri-Cities Bad Driving Habits

If you do not follow Trooper C. Thorson on Twitter, you should. He is one of the local Washington State Troopers assigned to our area. Not only does he have good info to share about accidents and issues in our area, but he also has a pretty good sense of humor. Trooper Thorson illustrated his humor with a hilarious post on Twitter bringing in the New Year.

The Comment Section Proves the Troopers Point

I laughed after seeing his post because I see drivers in the Tri-Cities make that same mistake every day. Just last week I was almost hit by a driver turning into the wrong lane and then he honked and flipped me off! I dug into the comment section, and not to my surprise there were people trying to argue with the Trooper about the law.

One Confused Comment Quotes a Different States Law

One guy was so confused, he posted a link to the same example but with California law. He obviously thought that either it also applied here or maybe that is just what he learned. Either way, it is not correct in Washington State.

One Woman Promises to Change Her Driving Habits

One woman admits to doing this while driving but after arguing for a while in the comments finally admits to changing her driving habits because of the post.

I am not sure if the Trooper's post changed many minds of confused Tri-Cities drivers but I still have hope. The common theme in the post from people if they did not argue, was that they see this problem everywhere. Let's hope that now we don't see it quite as often but I am not holding my breath.


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