Meet Ryan Leak. Sorry ladies, he's taken. His girlfriend, turn fiancee, turn bride is Amanda Roman and she received a proposal and wedding from her own fairy tale. Why is it her's? Because he used everything based on her interests on Pintrest. This man is doing it right!

Not that he was snooping or spying on his girlfriend, but he did overhear her say she had dreamed of getting engaged and getting married on the same day.

Proposing? That's easy enough. Drop to your knee, pop the question, hope that she says, "yes," (which she did, by the way) and, boom, you're engaged. The trouble is planning an entire wedding and not have her know about it so it will be the surprise she wanted. Fortunately for Ryan, she had a 'Dream Wedding' board on Pintrest so he could just take from that. In a sense, she did all of the planning, he just executed.

We're also fortunate enough that he got the whole thing on tape. Congrats to the happy bride and groom.

Guys, it's time to step up our game.

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