The kids must be driving you crazy after 160 days of quarantine. Time to hit Silverwood Theme Park! 

Courtesy of Silverwood
Courtesy of Silverwood

They are now open! To celebrate the occasion, 92.9 The Bull is giving away family 4-Packs (cause the family that goes to theme parks together, stays together, in theory) for you and your family to enjoy!

Enjoy the high intensity attractions like Aftershock! 191 Feet of thrills! Or the original Corkscrew! If defying gravity is your thing, Panic Plunge is saving you a seat!

There are plenty of attractions and options for the family! These tickets also give you access to the Boulder Beach Water Park! We just want you to win! 

Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park

The JimShow will give away your Family 4-Pack of tickets with a our brand new contest,

"The Already Fixed & Rigged Game Where The Answer Is Always C" game!

Each weekday morning at 8:35, listen for the cue to call. Caller number 9 will play "The Already Fixed & Rigged Game Where The Answer Is Always C" game! It's simple and easy - and the answer is ALWAYS C. Example question:


"Everyone should always_____..."

A. Drive like a maniac.

B. Tempt a raging bull with verbal taunts and red capes.

C. Listen to your Mother. (Hint, the answer is ALWAYS C)

D. Replace your morning cup of coffee with diesel. It's less expensive.


Obviously, the answer is C, "Listen to your Mother.Cause Mother knows best. And, the answer is always C.

Even as ridiculous as the questions and answers are, if you pick C - you will always win.

Because it's "The Already Fixed & Rigged Game Where The Answer Is Always C" game - where the answer will ALWAYS be C.

Cause it's already fixed, rigged and the answer is always C. So good luck tomorrow morning!

Also, starting Monday, we will have a contest for more chances to win! Listen 3 times a day @ 8:30, 12:30 and 4:30 for the Code Word to enter! Enter that Code word here at 92.9 The Bull HERE or tap the Bull App for your chance to win! 1 winner will be chosen daily!

Good luck. Oh, and remember, the answer will always be C.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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