If you're out dining somewhere you may see charcuterie on the menu. What is it and maybe, more importantly, how do you pronounce it?

Say it like shar-KOO-tr-ee. Well, it's basically French for variety of meats. Delicatessen, literally. Along with the meats you'll also get cheese, crackers and often fruits and or nuts. Perfect finger food.

A grown-up Lunchable, if you will.

If it's on the menu, there's a 95% chance that what I'm ordering. I'm a huge fan to see what all places offer for their variety and think it's just wonderful. Especially when accompanied by a pint of your favorite beer or two.

I'm sure there are more places in Yakima that carry this but Public House on 57th and Tieton drive is where I took a photo of this. Other places in town that I knew had it are no longer in service. If you know of any, let us know in the comments below.

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