When Will Life Return To Normal IN Yakima? We Don’t Know…

It's hard to see when life will truly get back to normal - because NO ONE really knows how to manage COVID, including the “experts”.  Local and Nationally. One month we are NOT supposed to wear mask, then the next it is demanded. The CDC has adjusted their numbers and we are finding out COVID may not be as bad as thought. Does ANYONE know what is really going on?


And it’s frustrating because our tax dollars pay for a lot of these “experts”. Here’s proof.

Someone polled more than 500 epidemiologists who study the spread of diseases.  And they asked them when they'll PERSONALLY feel comfortable doing various things again.  Like shaking hands and getting a haircut.  Here's their varied opinions.

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  1. Out of the 20 things on the list, there were only four would feel okay doing again now, or later this summer

They includes seeing a doctor for something non-urgent, going on overnight trips within driving distance, and getting your hair cut at a salon.

Again, there is NO real consensus here.

Example? 1 in 5 said they won't feel totally safe getting a haircut for at least another year.

  1. A few things where the number one answer was "within the next 3 to 12 months" include

Attending a small dinner party, sending kids to school, working in a shared office, boarding a plane,  going to the gym and eating at restaurants.

Some were less worried about that stuff though. Nearly a third said they'd go to a dinner party this month, and 30% would send their kids to school or daycare within the next couple months.

New York City On Edge As Coronavirus Spreads
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  1. Now here are some things where "over a year away" was the top answer

Attending a wedding or funeral, attending a large church service, going to live sporting events and concerts, hugging or shaking hands and not wearing a face mask everywhere.

That said, 1 in 6 would go to a wedding or funeral as early as this summer, and 1 in 8 would go to church again soon.

Only 3% would feel fine going to a concert or sporting event this summer though.  And 6% said they might NEVER shake hands again.

Hospitals Expect Number Of Covid-19 Cases To Rise

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As much this is frustrating, know this. The experts varied opinions can be replaced by good old common sense. Yep, if people around you are sick, don’t overreact – just act. Responsibly. Is it really that simple?

Common sense says, “Yes.”



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