The old ShopKo on Summitview (across from McDonalds) is coming along nicely. Planet Fitness is in place and Grocery Outlet is set to open sometime soon, hopefully. The location on the far west side of that building near the old Burger King is still empty with no signs of anything going in just yet. It's freshly painted, but no 'coming soon' or anything like that. I've heard a few rumors of what it could be, though. We can speculate.

No, it's not going to be a Trader Joes or Whole Foods. As much as we cry for needing one in Yakima, it's doubtful we'll see either of those in the next 5 years at least.

The first I heard was a farming-type store. Maybe not a second location of Coastal Farm and Ranch (which I'd love to see) but West Valley could definitely use a place where you can pick up farming-type supplies like feed, chicken wire and more. I'd love to see it as, though I don't have a farm, I love seeing the baby chicks. This would certainly help our friends in Wiley City and beyond.

What about another Goodwill location? We already have a couple in town. One in Tieton, one in Union Gap and we have one in Selah and Sunnyside. Though it's a little close to the Tieton location, it would be a great place for a Goodwill.

There's never enough dollar stores in Yakima. We don't have a Dollar General which is a chain of 'dollar stores' that sometimes feature unique items only found there. Would be nice but a little unlikely.

Big Lots. Great store as you never know what you'll find there. We have one by Target downtown but don't have one in West Valley. Could work.

Lots of ideas of what it could be. I haven't heard 100% on anything, yet, but with people talking about what they heard from a friend of a friend, you never know. Looking forward to whatever goes in that spot.

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