Imagine this: you thought what you were doing for your wife or loved one is the best thing ever, then she sees it.

What she sees is not at all what she was hoping for.

That's what happens in this 2012 video (note the NSFW language). The woman walks in after being gone for a few days, while the husband completely renovated the kitchen.

All told, the man spent $60,000 redoing the kitchen, complete with side-by-side ovens and a stand-alone ice maker among his other upgrades.

The woman was not enthused with the upgrades. I don't think I've ever seen someone react so negatively to a surprise in my life. It has some wondering if the video is even real.

Kind of reminds me of the Trading Spaces reveals gone wrong.
UPDATE: The YouTube channel has now updated the description of the video to say it was all a "prank." "My wife actually does love the kitchen and wishes we could afford 1 of everything let alone 2 of everything!" the description says.

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