Go ahead and plan out your best snacks, meal plans, and concert outfits now! Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila are hosting a virtual concert this Sunday (March 21) to benefit victims of the Texas storms of 2021. It will be watched by fans all over the world, and they are expecting to raise millions of dollars. All the money donated during the live virtual show will be distributed to local nonprofits in Texas that are busy helping on the ground.

Texans on this virtual concert list include Willie Nelson, who's originally from Abbott, Texas. FUN WILLIE NELSON FACT: Back in the 1980s, Willie Nelson used to own two acres of property out in GLEED, Washington, which he had bought for his mama, Myrle Harvey! That's a rumor I probably heard in a Reddit chatroom somewhere, but I did fact-check this and found out it's a true story (AP News). Willie also was a Washington state radio DJ for a while there in Vancouver. I don't think I ever knew that bit of gossip.


KTRE in Houston announced that a variety of Texas entertainers will be appearing at the event. Since Matthew is from Uvalde, Texas, he's called on his fellow celebrity state folks to pitch in and help out. Other famous Texans are participating in the virtual concert, including Gary Clark Jr. (Austin), Don Henley (Gilbert), Miranda Lambert (Lindale), Leon Bridges, Kelly Clarkson, and Kirk Franklin (all from Fort Worth), George Strait (Poteet), and Lyle Lovett (Houston). There will also be appearances by some other celebrity folks from around the country who I guess will be listed as honorary Texans, like Post Malone.

Now, I usually give "benefit concerts" the side-eye. I'll give The McConaugheys the benefit of the doubt this time because I know that those storms affected all of us in some ratchet and raggedy kind of ways. They would not do us dirty and skirt off with all the money they raise. They are not grifters. Besides, Matthew McConaughey lives in a $6,000,000 Austin mansion, so the locals will know exactly where to find him if they find out something shady is going on with those big stacks of dough. But I'm not one who gossips, so you ain't heard it from me!

I am hoping to see some more Texas celebrities get involved, too, and I mean, Beyonce, specifically. It would also be cool to see her daughter, little miss Blue Ivy, make an appearance with her adorable newly-minted Grammy-winning self.


Jamie Foxx would be a sight for sore eyes to see as well. Who else do you want to see pop up on your screen at this thing? Renee Zellweger? Steve Martin? Eva Longoria? Get more info on the "We're Texas" virtual benefit concert here. It will be live-streamed on the YouTubes here!

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