If you've listened to our radio stations over the years, you've no doubt heard plenty of what we call public service announcements or PSAs.

For those who may not know, PSAs are really just exactly what we say they are: announcements made in service to the public, generally on behalf of non-profit groups, clubs, and organizations. As such, they're free of charge and are not treated like paid advertising. So, if you are a part of such an organization, you may wonder how to go about getting your message out to the public. Well, you've come to the right place for answers.

How to Get Public Service Announcements on Radio, Online, and Social Media

In the Yakima Valley, Townsquare Media operates six local radio stations, each of which also has a website and social media platforms. So, now more than ever, we are able to get your organization's message out to even more people in even more ways. Of course, it's always on an as-available basis (we have to save room for our beloved advertisers who help us keep the lights on), but we deliver thousands of on-air messages each year as PSAs and hundreds of pages of online content to organizations just like yours, at no cost.

We're easy to reach, just hit the contact tab on our websites or apps, or feel free to email me directly and we'll get back in touch to see how we can help. Director of Content, Brian Stephenson, for KATS, KFFM, THE BULL, MEGA 99-3, ESPN YAKIMA, and KIT AM/FM. Email to brian.stephenson@townsquaremedia.com We're here to help!

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Women's Century Club of Yakima
Women's Century Club of Yakima

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