Wedding season is getting ready to ramp up and I'm noticing a new trend. OK, maybe not a new trend. But this is the first year that we've been invited to more than one weekday wedding.

I understand that it's cheaper for a weekday wedding, but it can be quite an inconvenience for everyone involved. My niece is getting married next Thursday in Tacoma. All four of my kids are in the wedding. It also happens to be testing for Jackson and Shaylee next week in school. Her sister has a final the day of rehearsal. Not to mention everyone who has to take time off of work!

OK, enough complaining. I get that they are trying to save money by booking on a weekday and even though it's a huge inconvenience for some of us, we love them enough to sacrifice on our end to make their day as special as possible. And I'm not the one paying for the wedding, although at this point all of us would have pooled together money from the family to pay the difference.

Do you prefer a weekday wedding or are they an inconvenience?

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