There's a bunch of yuppies trying to change the name of Harlem to something so dreadfully demeaning, I could cry. They want to change the name of Harlem to SOHA.

Hipsta PLEASE.

Slowly, yet surely, the neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan has been nearly destroyed by a gaggle of hipsters who've been renaming sections of town to suit their gentrifying ways. Perhaps it's fitting that Harlem gets renamed by hipsters, after all, there IS TriBeCa and SoHo. But to rename Harlem just feels like a punch to the gut for the neighborhood that's been steeped in African American art, cuisine, jazz and entertainment for nearly a hundred years.

Moxee to
YAHMO. Pronounced just like James Ingram says it in his song, "Yah Mo Be There." Stay tuned!

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