I read a study the other day. It floored me. It said that 38% of women, got in their car and drove around just to get outta the house.  

Another study says the number one thing mom wants for Mother's Day? Alone time. ALONE TIME?  

Apparently, Mom needs some space! Or better said, some Self-Care!

Mental health experts say that self-care is important. It helps give our brains some down time, can lower blood pressure, lowers stress and anxiety. 

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Many of you spend your day going from one task to another. Moms are extremely busy! No doubt! Whether at work or at home, it’s easy to go from one task to the next with little downtime. Yes, you are productive with your tasks, but can you also be productive in investing in yourself? Take the timeyou are worth it!     

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Feeling Guilty About It?   

Next to lack of time being a factor, this one comes in second - Self-care Guilt. You feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Not sure if someone told you yet, but self-care is in fact is a GOOD thing! You, your spouse, children and family are important. But if you aren’t healthy, then others in your life will suffer in various ways. They deserve better and so do you. Release the guilt. Accept the idea that this is something you can feel good about. Release the guilt! And VIBE!  


It’s OK to Be Selfish 

Commit to taking the time. It is completely OK to be selfish with it. In fact, you may need to be protective over it. Remind yourselfyou are investing in yourself. If someone wants to do something during your self-care time, be flexible. Or remind them that you have an appointment (you do, WITH YOURSELF!) 

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Express to others your plan to get them on board. Chances are they will respect, understand and support your decision for your selfcare time. Also, give them permission to hold you accountable to your time. Let others know that unless it’s important, to not disturb you. Again, it’s good to be selfish here. Let others know your plan!   

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Be Disciplined 

Be consistent if possible. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. To help remind yourself, use the alarms feature on your devices. This will give you a constant daily reminder that you need some downtime. Remember that YOU are important and that you and yourself will benefit from some needed chill time.  


Some Self-Care Ideas  

Find a space in your garage, spare bedroom or backyard away from the noise of life. If you have the space, set up a “vibe room” candles, music, draperies. Create your space. Try some of the ideas below.  


Listening to music 

Going for a walk / run  

Take a drive 


TM or Transcendental Meditation – Headspace is an app with some freebies on it with some great coaching.   

Practice Niksen! The Dutch Concept of Doing Nothing! Yep, that’s also a thing! Chilling is an art in Belgium. They got it down! Ever meet a stressed Dane? This could be the reason why! 

 Let me know how this works for ya. Would love to know what your space looks like or what you are doing for Self-Care.   

Enjoy Your space!   


All My Best,  

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