If you have to use the intersection on 40th at Summitview during any prime driving time, or through most of the day, I apologize as it can't be fun. With everyone trying to turn all at once at the same time of day it the line gets longer and longer.

Especially if you're trying to turn north on 40th from Summitview, I hope you have a good audiobook but you'll be in line for a while.

There's a few spots in Yakima where, over the years, they added the idea that both the turn lane and left of both lanes have the option to turn. We saw this on 24th and Nob Hill, as well as 40th and Nob Hill and both, were such a great idea to remove congestion. I truly believe if we had this idea on 40th and Summitview it would also reduce and remove congestion so people can get to where they're going a lot faster.

The last time I'm suggesting is a roundabout. Although I don't dislike roundabouts as many people have a true disdain for them, I don't think a roundabout at this intersection would do any good as when you're driving north on 40th you may not see the roundabout in time to make it make sense.

However, adding the idea that the turn lane as well as the left lane has the option to turn on a green arrow as well would alleviate so much traffic. Especially during that 7:30 a.m. drive-time.

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